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Top FAQ's

When do my repayments clear?
Direct debits take 2 business days to clear.
How do I update my employment details?
Please log into your MyPayNow account and select “My Profile” from the menu.
I need to change my direct debit day.
Please log into your MyPayNow account and use the help button to contact us.
Can I get an advance when my only income is Centrelink?
Unfortunately not. MyPayNow is designed to be a wage advance service, you need to be employed.
What identification documents do you accept?
Currently the system will only accept an open drivers licence, Medicare card or Australian passport. We cannot accept proof of age cards or a learners licence.
My last pay is missing or below the minimum requirement.
Unfortunately we cannot assist you until your most recent wage meets the minimum income requirement of $... a week or $... a fortnight.
Can I payout early to get another advance?
Upon request, we allow customers to payout their advance early. Please use the help option in the side-menu of the app to request an early payout.
Why can't I get more than my approved limit?
MyPayNow offers up to ...% of your income up to $.... We are unable to increase this.
What time do direct debits come out of my bank?
Our direct debits are processed by a third party, meaning they can be attempted at any point during the day.
Who can use MyPayNow?
MyPayNow is available to anyone over the age of 18 that has a regular income from an employer and meets the minimum income requirements. If you do not pass the eligibility assessment or are not employed, we are unable to assist you.

My Account

What do I need to set up my account?
You will need:
  • A mobile phone number
  • An email address
  • A valid form of Australian ID
  • The date and amount of your last salary
  • Your internet banking details
  • A bank account that your salary goes into
How do I update my contact details?
Please log into your MyPayNow account and head to My Profile in the side-menu.
How long does it take to set up an account?
It takes about to set up your account. Once you’re set up, it only takes a minute for your advance to be transferred to your account
Can I have multiple accounts?
No, the system will only allow one account per user.
What happens if I need to change a payment date or amount?
You cannot change your current repayment date or amount as these are aligned to the day of your pay when you initially applied. If your circumstances have changed, please log in and use the HELP in the side-menu of the app.
Why do I need to enter my bank details again?
To ensure your details and employment information are still correct, from time to time we will need an updated bank statement.
I have multiple bank accounts, which account should I connect?
You can only use one bank account with MyPayNow. To use our service, you will need to ensure the account provided is the account where most of your wage is deposited.
I want to change where my repayments come out of
You are unable to alter the account while you have a pending payment. Once the account is paid simply log in and click on 'My Profile' to update these details.
Can you deposit funds into a different account?
Due to our automated service we need to deposit advances into the same account that your normal wage is credited into. We will also take the repayment out of this account.
How can I disable my account?
You will need to use the help option in the side-menu of the app to request that your account be disabled. Please note we cannot disable your account while you have an outstanding advance.

MyPayNow Service

What is MyPayNow?
MyPayNow is a wage advance service. We deal directly with you instead of contacting your employer. We pride ourselves on being fast, efficient and available 24/7 with instant deposits once approved.
Why is my account locked?
If you have missed a payment or have had your salary paid within the last 24 hours you cannot access any further funds. Please log into your account for further information.
Is MyPayNow secure?
Yes, we use encryption and choose suppliers that hold the highest levels of security, like your own bank would use.
What documents do I need to sign up with MyPayNow?
MyPayNow is an automated and online solution. Our system will confirm your identity and account details entered electronically. We will not require any documents to be uploaded into our system.
Why can't I access all my wage?
MyPayNow is designed to provide you with a portion of your pay to make small purchases before your next wage. We only lend a portion of your wage so that you do not get into trouble by taking out too much of your wage early. This way you will be leaving money available for your normal bills etc.
I only work part-time and receive Centrelink, can I use your services?
Yes, if you have a regular income from an employer that is above the minimum wage requirement.
How much can I advance?
MyPayNow allows you to advance up to ... of your upcoming wage. Your advance limit is based on your income as identified by MyPayNow.
When do I pay back the advance?
All advances will be taken on the day of your next wage.
Why did you take multiple payments on the one day?
You can have multiple advances per wage cycle up to your approved amount. Each wage advance will be taken as a separate payment on your next wage.
What is the minimum amount I need to earn before I can apply to MyPayNow?
The minimum income required to use MyPayNow is $... take home per week.
Can I change how long my repayments are over?
Yes, Please contact our customer support and one of our staff will help you.

How does it work?

How much can I get and how often?
You can request up to ... of your wage per pay cycle to a maximum of $.... At the end of each pay cycle, your advances will be repaid, and you will then be able to make new advance requests.
When can I get access to a wage advance?
Once you have completed the application and are approved, you will be able to access a wage advance straight away.
How long does a pay advance take?
MyPayNow will deposit using the latest NPP payment technology, meaning funds will clear instantly, 24/7. If NPP is unavailable at the time of the payment we will inform you.
How should I use MyPayNow?
You can use it any way you want! These are your earned wages, use them at your own discretion. We have found it is far cheaper to use our wage advance service than paying late fees on utility bills or getting a short-term loan.
How come I can only access a percentage of my earned wage?
Currently MyPayNow has a maximum limit equal to ... of your wage. The limit is set to a percentage of your earned wage for the previous week.
I have a joint account, can we both use MyPayNow?
No, for security reasons MyPayNow needs a unique bank account for each user.
Why do you need my bank details?
MyPayNow needs these details to confirm that you are employed and receive a wage on a regular basis. Without a statement supplied we are unable to assist you.
Can I request my wage advance on the weekend?
Yes, because we use the NPP payments platform you can receive your requested funds 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If NPP is unavailable at the time of the payment we will inform you.
When will the repayments come out from my bank account?
MyPayNow sets up direct debits to coincide with the date of your next pay. If you have made multiple advances since your last pay, they will all be debited from your account on your next pay day. For example, if you advanced a total of $150 during your pay cycle, consisting of a $100 advance and a $50 advance, there will be two debits from your account on your next pay day - one for $... and another for $... (including our simple flat rate service charge of ...%).
What happens if I miss a payment?
You will receive a text message once MyPayNow is aware of the unsuccessful payment. You will be able to perform a real-time payment via debit card so you can keep utilising the MyPayNow service. If you do not have access to a card payment the missed payment will be scheduled on your next pay day.
Can I advance my Centrelink payments
No, MyPayNow is designed for people who are employed.
How do I payback my wage advance?
A direct debit will automatically come out of your nominated bank account on your next pay day. We now offer flexible repayment options upon request.
What do you see when I provide my bank account?
We receive a read only copy of your transactions, which we use to assess you for an advance. You will need to log into your bank account through our encrypted portal. MyPayNow never stores any of your login information.
How does the request delay feature in the app work?
Requesting a delay through the app will automatically reschedule your selected payment to be debited on the day of your following wage cycle. This process does not involve any additional fees. Please note, if you have a remaining advance limit on your account and delay your repayment, you will not have access to further advance funds until your account has been paid in full.


How much does MyPayNow cost?
MyPayNow charges a one-off flat-rate service charge of ...% of the advanced wage amount. For example, if you request an advance of $100, our charge is only $....
What are the direct debit fees?
MyPayNow does not charge a direct debit fee.
How much do you charge for a missed payment?
$0! We do not charge any missed payment/dishonour fees.
Are there any hidden fees?


Why can't I ring someone at MyPayNow?
Our customer support team is email based only. This enables us to assist customers in a timely manner and track the progress of your requests, whilst ensuring the costs of our service are kept to a minimum.
How do I contact support?
Please use HELP in the side-menu of the app to submit a request. One of our friendly staff will respond ASAP.
I forgot my Username, what do I do?
Your username is the email address used to first apply.
I forgot my password, what do I do?
On the login page you can use forgot password to reset your password.
My bank is not in the drop-down list, what can I do?
Unfortunately, we won't be able to offer you an advance at this time.
Why can't MyPayNow see my salary?
If your pay date or amount is incorrect our system may not be able to see your salary. Please ensure you provide accurate information to make the process as quick as possible!
I have lost my job, what do I do?
Please use HELP in the side-menu of the app to submit a request.
Why would I be declined?
  • Too much gambling identified in the account
  • You do not meet the minimum income requirement
  • We could not identify wages in your account
  • You are only receiving Centrelink benefits
  • Recent direct debit reversals to other companies
  • You have an irregular pay cycle
  • You have reached your advance limit for your pay cycle
  • You have a joint account with another MyPayNow customer


Does MyPayNow do a credit check?
No, there is no credit enquiry made on your file.
Does MyPayNow contact my Employer?
No, it is not necessary to contact your employer.
Can I send my bank statements via email or fax?
No, the system is completely automated so you need to follow the steps in the app to send us your bank statements.
You cannot send your statements to us via email or fax.
Can MyPayNow see my bank account login details
No, MyPayNow only has access to read your bank statement not your login details.
Where can I leave feedback?
We always appreciate feedback! You can use HELP in the side-menu of the app and then select feedback from the drop down options.
Where is MyPayNow located?
We are an Australian online based business who can help customers Australia wide.
What happens if I am on annual leave?
You must be receiving your regular wages while on annual leave.
What if I am in between jobs?
MyPayNow is only available for customers that are currently employed.
When should I use MyPayNow?
Anytime you require access to funds prior to you receiving your normal wage.
How old do I have to be to use MyPayNow?
The minimum age limit for MyPayNow is 18 years old.
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How can I contact MyPayNow?
The fastest way to contact MyPayNow is to log in to your account and use the ‘Help’ option in the side menu.

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