Responsible Lending

MyPayNow was created to give working Aussies control of when they get paid. Our product is designed to help our customers pay for life's fun (and not so fun) expenses in an easy & affordable manner.


But how do we keep MyPayNow responsible?

We have a rigorous assessment process to ensure that our service is not only affordable but suitable, MyPayNow conducts a full assessment of our customers financial position that goes well beyond verifying income. While the process may seem quick and seamless from the user's point of view, in the background, our advanced AI assessment technology is processing thousands of algorithms that will look at income, expenses and spending habits, and flag transactions such as gambling and missed payments. Unfortunately, our product cannot be for everyone. If you are suffering from financial hardship, our service is not for you, and we recommend seeking further advice

We only allow customers to advance up to a quarter of their regular wage.

This keeps all wage advances within the means of each individual customers affordability.

We don't charge late fees for missed or late payments.

We understand that circumstances change and it's not a one shoe fits all kind of world. We are willing to work with our customers when life throws you curveballs. Just ask!


We keep our fees low.

We charge a flat service fee of 5% on the amount advanced. There are no hidden costs, and no - the 5% doesn't compound month to month!

Customers can hold or extend their repayments within the app.

We get it, sometimes you need a little extra time to make a payment. That's why we've made it super easy for customers to hold or extend repayments themselves from within the app.