Meet our
mascot, Slothy!


Hey, I'm Slothy. I'm the mascot for MyPayNow.

Why is the mascot a sloth you ask?

Putting it simply, I represent payday. Usually, the wait until payday is slow (like a sloth!). I'm not your average sloth though... I'm rebellious and super fast. Together with MyPayNow we speed up payday for Aussies everywhere. Together, we're unstoppable!

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Things you might not know about me...

I went on TV in my search for love

Yep, that's right! Everyone deserves to be loved, so I used my time in the ad breaks of Married at First Sight in 2021 to find my special someone (you can check out my audition tape here). Was I successful in finding love? No. Did it get me dates? Ehhhh.

I'm a HUGE Titans fan

During the NRL season you can catch me at Cbus Stadium cheering on my team, the Gold Coast Titans. I like to get around with the Titans mascot to hype up the crowd, take photos and high five all the punters. If you turn your head to the back corner of the stadium, you might even spot me having a boogie in the DJ Booth!

I'm a social media sensation

Did you know I have my own IG dedicated to all of my adventures? Shameless plug, give us a follow!