A FinTech brand on TikTok?!

19 Apr 2023

2 minute read

A FinTech brand on TikTok?!

If you’ve found yourself in the depths of the social media world recently, there’s a high chance you’ve stumbled across ‘TikTok’. And if you don’t know what TikTok is, then there’s a good chance you’ve been living under a rock (in the nicest way possible 😋). To keep it short and sweet, TikTok is an app that allows users to create & share short-form videos. And thanks to COVID-19, it’s now one of the most downloaded social media platforms as of 2023, with over 1.5 billion users. 


Since then, TikTok has evolved from viral dance videos to brokering million-dollar deals resulting in a major impact on business success. Some would say we’re a little late to jump on the bandwagon (they're not wrong 🙃), but we won't let that stop us from ruling out the opportunity completely.  


So…what took us so long? Believe it or not, we weren’t sure if this was a platform we needed to be on. TikTok is ground-breaking in many ways and has created a new space for brands to connect with an audience. However, this is a platform run by users, not brands. The highly engaging brand content that resonates with the TikTok audience tends to push the boundaries, which is a bit of a risky move coming from a fintech. 


The turning point 

We recognised that the TikTok audience demands authenticity. We also understand that there’s a certain stigma around fintech’s. But we’re on a mission to humanise our brand and leverage TikTok to connect with new and existing audiences in a way that showcases our personality – while having some fun! Gone are the days when brands have one strategy across the board, we’re in an era of forming a real connection and keeping the people entertained!  

So, if you stuck around this long, you may as well be one of the first to follow us. 

Join MyPayNow on this new journey, hurdling the challenges fintech companies face on the platform, all while watching us grow and remain Australia’s most loved wage advance app.   

Are you excited to see Slothy in a way we have never showcased him before? 👇  

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Talk soon, 

The MyPayNow Team