All about our NEW MyPayNow app!

07 Mar 2023

2 minute read

All about our NEW MyPayNow app!

After just over 2.5 years of business, we are excited to announce the all-new MyPayNow app 🥳. We’ve given our well-loved app an upgrade because…our customers deserve the best of the best 😎.


So, what’s different? 💭

📱 The entire look and feel reflects a more modern MyPayNow. We’ve grown a lot over the last few years, and we felt that the old app didn’t reflect who we are anymore. You’ll mainly notice this in the sleek layout changes and upgraded navigation!

👋 You’ll be greeted with a universal welcome screen, where we’ll share relevant updates or notices that you might need to know.

🦥 Customers have a new account hub where they can easily update select personal, employment and banking information, as well as see scheduled repayments.


Does this change how you access your money?

Absolutely not! It’s still as simple as hitting the “Get pay now” button on your home page 😎.


Will it affect your repayments?

Nope! The way our app works will remain exactly the same. The only thing that’s changed is the appearance and ease of navigation! 👏


Can you still change upcoming repayments?

For sure! After you’ve taken an advance, you’ll see a “Need more time?” button on your home screen under the “Your upcoming repayments” section. Or, you can hit “Change repayments” in the side menu. 💪


Will it affect your advance limit?

No way! Your account info and advance limit will remain the same as before 💸


Look, we could hype up our brand-new app all day, but we think it’s best you check it out for yourself 👀. Download it on Google Play or the App Store today!