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Bouncing back after overspending during the summer

23 Jan 2024

2 minute read

Bouncing back after overspending during the summer

They say that money can’t buy happiness, but you know what it can buy you? A European vacation, rooftop drinks or tickets to Titans home games. While these experiences can enhance life, they can add up quickly, leaving a big dent in your bank account 👀. If you didn’t budget accordingly for your summer spending, you may feel like you’re entering the next season in a deficit-- but don’t worry, you’re not alone there! It’s common to spend more money during the summer while we’re enjoying the outdoors before winter strikes again. Fortunately, we have a few handy tips up our sleeve to help you bounce back👇.  


Try a no-spend month 

One effective way to regain control over your finances is to embrace a no-spend month 💸. We know what you’re thinking; it sounds a lot easier said than done but hear us out! The goal is to challenge yourself for a whole month to cut out non-essential expenses. This can help reset your spending habits, identify unnecessary expenses, and redirect funds towards recovering from those summertime splurges 😉.  


Automate your savings  

Take the guesswork out of saving by setting up automated transfers to your savings account 😎. Whether it's a fixed amount or a percentage of your income, automating savings ensures consistency. This method helps rebuild your financial cushion gradually, making it easier to absorb the impact of those summer expenses.  


Plan ahead for summer  

Prevention is often the best cure. Reflect on your summer spending patterns and use this insight to plan more effectively for the future 🌴. Consider creating a dedicated summer fund throughout the year, allocating a portion of your monthly budget specifically for seasonal activities. Planning can lighten the financial stress that often follows the sunny season. Besides, after setting up an automated savings transfer, you might be able to afford a well-deserved vacation by the time next summer hits 🌞!  


While the memories of a fantastic summer are undoubtedly priceless, the financial aftermath can be daunting (😳). By embracing a no-spend challenge, automating your savings, and planning ahead, you can navigate the post-spending blues and ensure a more financially resilient future. Remember, it's never too late to regain control and set yourself on the path to financial well-being. At MyPayNow, we understand that unexpected expenses can pop up, and we’re here to support your financial journey. If you ever need a top-up, we’re just a click away, available 24/7, right in your back pocket 💜.