Budget-friendly ways to explore Japan

29 May 2023

2 minute read

Budget-friendly ways to explore Japan

With its cloud-high skyscrapers, neon lights and never-ending buzz for ramen, robots and ridiculous views, Japan gets a little bit cooler each year 😎. Home to a whirlwind of experiences and colourful culture (and loved by Aussies!), we figured it was about time we created a budget-friendly guide to help you get your travel fix in the wonderful land of Japan!

Try a capsule hotel

Let’s talk about the Insta-famous capsule hotels available all throughout Japan 😱. They’re affordable, tiny sleeping spaces and are one of Japan's most popular types of hotel stays. Capsule hotels are known for their convenience and novelty. It’s a must-try that’s completely budget-friendly!

Try the street food

Avoid the touristy areas and dip your toes into the culture of Japanese street food. It will save you the tourist surcharge with a delicious authentic food guarantee! Bonus tip: less flashy places usually have the yummiest food inside! Don’t be afraid to even consider convenience stores like 7-eleven in Japan either. Because, just like most things in Japan, even convenience stores are taken to the next level. Do as the Japanese do and trust that following the locals will always lead to lower prices and more authentic (and tasty) cuisine 🥳.

Find free things to do

Did you know that most temples and shrines throughout Japan are free? They’re filled with loads of history, incredible art, and craftsmanship. And it doesn’t stop there, it’s free entry to the ever-so-famous Nara Deer Park, an absolute must-do for animal lovers 😄. With a bit of research behind your belt, you’ll be surprised how much there is to do in Japan at no charge. If you’re more of a city person, walk around and discover the electric fashion of the Harajuku district or see the world’s busiest street crossing at Shibuya Street intersection. Whether your interests are in nature, history or fashion, your options won’t stop there!

Take an overnight bus

Most articles are going to tell you a Japan Railway Pass is the way to go, however, what they don’t tell you, is that they are not cheap 💸. It’s great to experience but buses run throughout Japan at a much more affordable price. Keep in mind that you will be on the road a little longer, so this is where overnight buses come in! You can save on a night's worth of accommodation by swapping it out for an overnight bus ride.