Building good habits & breaking bad ones!

03 Apr 2024

2 minute read

Building good habits & breaking bad ones!

Sometimes, in the pursuit of a better life, people get stuck in a bunch of habits - some good (😎) and some...not so good (😅). But what if we told you that you could ditch those bad habits and maintain positive ones to achieve a happier and healthier life? According to James Clear in his 2018 book "Atomic Habits," he states that your daily decisions and actions shape your habits, accounting for approximately 40% of your behaviours each day. And if you really think about it, your life today is essentially the sum of these habits. So, let’s dive into breaking free from the bad ones to make more room for the good ones.  

Breaking bad habits 

We get it, breaking a bad habit is easier said than done. It takes self-awareness, determination, and a willingness to change. Whether it's procrastination, smoking, binge eating, or negative self-talk, identifying these habits is the first step toward freedom 🥳. 


But here's the thing: eliminating a bad habit isn't just about stopping it. All your habits, good or bad, serve a purpose in your life. Instead of cutting bad habits cold turkey, replace these habits with something more positive.  


For instance, if you indulge in some not-so-healthy habits when stressed, find a healthier coping mechanism that makes you feel better in the long run. Expecting yourself to drop bad habits without providing an alternative will leave you feeling unsatisfied. 


Unlocking good habits 

Now for the good news! By consistently repeating a behaviour, we can create new neural pathways that make the behaviour more auto-pilot over time 🤝. This means that if we want to form a good habit, such as exercising regularly, we need to make a conscious effort to repeat that behaviour until it becomes ingrained. This might involve scheduling workouts, finding enjoyable forms of exercise, or investing in a personal trainer (to stay accountable).  

However, staying consistent requires motivation. Motivation provides the drive and energy needed to overcome obstacles, stay committed to goals, and maintain efforts over the long term. Whether it involves setting specific goals, finding enjoyment in the activity, or seeking support from others, motivation plays a crucial role in helping you establish and maintain positive habits 💪. 

Your habits are important; they shape your life path, influence your daily behaviour, and affect your overall well-being. By replacing the bad habits with good ones, you’ll be taking the first step toward paving the way for personal growth and fulfilment. With determination to change, you can unlock the potential for a happier, healthier life that empowers you every day.  

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