Celebrate a milestone with us!

06 Nov 2023

2 minute read

Celebrate a milestone with us!

We are excited to announce that we have taken home the crown for the 2023 Finder’s Pay Advance Customer Satisfaction Awards 2023. 🥳. In a world where financial flexibility is key, we emerged as a leading player in the pay advance apps market. Now, we can proudly introduce ourselves as an ‘award-winning pay advance app’ ⭐️...pretty cool right?!  

About the Award: 

The Pay Advance Customer Satisfaction Awards 2023, hosted by Finder, are a testament to our dedication to our customers. The awards reflect the high level of satisfaction experienced by MyPayNow users resulting in an impressive overall satisfaction rating of 4.19 out of 5 from over 650+ Australians 🤯.  

Finder's comprehensive ratings covered a variety of aspects from features, benefits, customer service, ease of application, fees + interest rates, and overall experience. MyPayNow excelled in each of these categories as taking the crown for the preferred provider 👑.  

Why do customers love MyPayNow? 

🟣 Instant access to pay: Allows users to access their pay in under a minute, providing the financial flexibility needed for unexpected expenses, emergencies or just having the freedom of accessing your pay, exactly when you want it. 

🟣 Transparent pricing: There are no hidden fees or interest charges. Customers can access pay advances at a single flat rate, ensuring clarity in financial transactions. 

🟣 Zero credit score checks: The MyPayNow service is offered without conducting credit score checks through Credit Reporting Agencies. This approach allows users to access funds without the need for credit score assessments, ensuring a more accessible lending process. 

🟣 No employer contact: MyPayNow maintains a direct relationship with its users, eliminating the need to involve employers in the process. Users can rely on MyPayNow for financial assistance and privacy without involving their workplace. 

🟣 Flexible advances: We allow users to advance up to a quarter of their regular wage. Once the advance is repaid, users can request funds again, ensuring responsible lending practices.  

🟣 Responsible lending: Commitment to responsible lending is at the backbone of who we are. The company's responsible lending policy outlines its dedication to the financial well-being of its customers. By providing access to funds while maintaining transparent pricing and responsible lending practices, MyPayNow stands as a trusted partner for individuals seeking financial support. 

🟣 Exceptional customer service: MyPayNow takes pride in its customer service, which includes robust security measures and a responsive support team. If customers encounter changes in their circumstances or need assistance, MyPayNow's friendly customer service team is readily available via email at

🟣 Slothy: If an adorable Sloth won’t win you over, we don’t know what else will! Slothy is anything but slow when it comes to delivering fast pay to our customers. With his cheerful and lightning-quick app, Slothy is always on a mission to make our customers' financial lives easier and more efficient. 

MyPayNow's recognition in the Pay Advance Customer Satisfaction Awards 2023, coupled with its dedication to responsible lending and exceptional customer service, cements its position as a leading pay advance app in Australia 💸. MyPayNow's user-friendly features empower users and provide financial flexibility, making it a trusted solution for those seeking timely financial assistance, without the hassles of traditional lending 😎 

So... what are you waiting for? Sign up now and try it for yourself today 📲