Hacks to save money when moving abroad

13 Apr 2023

2 minute read

Hacks to save money when moving abroad

Perhaps you scrolled on the internet a little too long last night and haven't stopped dreaming about a new life in London ✈️? Did you know that 1 in 5 Australians consider moving country 🤔? An expensive feat, but for all you nomads out there, we’ve collated some useful hacks to help reduce some of the costs involved in moving. Buuut we can’t promise it'll help minimise the hassle of it all 😬. 


Hack 1: Sell what you don’t need  

Selling your stuff is much easier said than done, especially since throwing things away can feel a lot more hassle-free. 

To put it simply: 

The less stuff you have = the less it will cost to move 

The more you sell = the more money you can pocket! 

Luckily for you, Facebook Marketplace allows you to pretty much sell anything these days. Have some nice clothes you don’t wear? Depop might be the platform for you. The items that you don’t sell and don’t need, can then go to your local charity shop 🥳. 


Hack 2: Research your shipping options 

Now that you have your essentials, you need to research what shipping options are available that suit you. As Australians, we don’t have the luxury of driving a couple of hours to end up in a new country, so, the two primary ways for international shipping are ocean and air freight. While air freight is popular and convenient, it’s also a much more expensive option 💸. Sea freight is going to be a much more affordable alternative, but the downside? It can take up to 3 months. Have a think about which shipping option is going to suit your plans. 


Hack 3: Give yourself time! 

From booking flights in advance, securing a job before you leave and organising your method of shipping, prepping for these things last minute could cost you a deeper hole in your pocket than anticipated, which certainly won’t help with the stress you’re trying to reduce. Would you believe us if we said it is so common for people to make a sporadic decision and move overseas? We get it, you’re super excited! You won’t make the leap if you think about it for too long right? Just do it! Without sugar-coating the truth, moving abroad on a budget is going to take effort. So, to do this with a minimum spend, you need to allow plenty of time 😉 


This next chapter could be the best thing you ever do and at MyPayNow, we want to help people like you, get closer to living their best life. It pays (no pun intended) to plan for your move, and we promise it will go a looong way – trust us! So best of luck and happy moving 🧳