How much should you gift at a wedding?

08 Aug 2022

3 minute read

How much should you gift at a wedding?

We’re so happy to be welcoming back all events and celebrations that took a mandatory 2-year hiatus (thanks COVID 🙄). As a result of pandemic lockdowns, wedding across the globe were cancelled or rescheduled time and time again. Now with life basically back to normal, save the dates and wedding invitations are coming in at pace. With this, have you been left wondering how much should you be spending at all these weddings? Well, we’re here to help you figure it out! 👏


How well do you know the couple? 

Is this the wedding of a long-lost cousin, your immediate family member or your best friend? This is crucial when deciding on how much moolah you should be dropping. Here’s a few questions to ask yourself to help decide…

-        Would you hang out with the bride and/or groom one on one?

-        How do you know them?

-        Are you close?

Hot tip: If it’s a family member you aren’t very close with, you could also get away with chipping in some cash for a present from the whole family 😉.


Wishing well or registry? 

This one depends on the couple and what they’re asking for and will usually be detailed on the invitation. These days we’re seeing more and more wishing wells at weddings as couples already have their home and appliances in place. Usually, a safe amount to go with is about $100 per couple, but take this with a grain of salt. Some couples are more traditional and will opt for a registry. If this is the case, the prices are locked into the item so it can make things a bit tricky. Remember, if you’ve already dropped cash on wedding festivities such as their bachelor/bachelorette party, take this amount into consideration when working out your budget. 


Where is the wedding?

Location, location, location. We think it’s fair that if you’re spending on travel to the wedding, your presence is enough of a present. If you have to jump on a plane and pay for accommodation, there shouldn’t be an expectation for you to spend big in a registry or wishing well. However, if you’re simply hopping in an Uber to the destination, there should be some kind of contribution to their wishing well or gift table. 


Your financial situation 

It’s all well and good to expect people to bring the couple gifts and splash out the cash in celebration, but not everyone is able to do this…and that’s okay! What’s important is you showing up for the couple on their big day. Good thing is, if you need cash but you’re waiting on your pay, MyPayNow can help you in a pinch! Plus, you could earn $50 for referring your friends…wedding present anyone? 😎