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How to balance life and saving this silly season

15 Nov 2022

2 minute read

How to balance life and saving this silly season

Balancing a budget is a challenge at the best of times, and adding the holiday season into the mix can be a real wallet-wrecker if you’re not careful (😳). Buying gifts for your loved ones, covering travel expenses, and preparing for a festive feast can put a strain on your finances 💸. To help you stay financially fit while also enjoying the holidays, we’ve put together some helpful tips for you to try this silly season!  

📝 Plan ahead 

That list? Check it twice! Make a list of all your expected expenses, including gifts, travel, decorations, and entertainment. By setting a budget, you'll have a roadmap to follow that can help you avoid overspending. Ensure that your budget is sensible and practical, and consider all your holiday spending, including gifts, decorations, and festivities. We recommend using an Excel template to calculate everything you’ll need, especially if you are hosting this year's Christmas lunch! You can thank us later 😉 

💰 Start a stash 

Next, you’ll need somewhere to stash your cash for your summer plans. If you haven’t already, open a high-interest savings account because there’s no time like now! To keep you motivated to put money aside, name the savings account after whatever it is you’re saving for. If you don’t trust yourself to put the cash away, set up an auto transfer and keep the account locked 🔒 

🛍️ Explore affordable alternatives 

Need a new vacuum? Fridge? Workwear? Wait till Cyber Weekend to buy and research beforehand to avoid overpaying just before the sale season. Make essentials your top priority and be on the lookout for budget-friendly alternatives. Being patient during this time of year can save you a significant amount, leaving you with more to spend on things that truly matter during the silly season.  

🕺Fun is free 

You don’t need to spend lots of money to have fun with your friends! Look for free local events happening in your city or take a timeout with a picnic at the beach! Hot tip, movies at home or a sunrise hike never fail either 😉 

🍽Mates and plates 

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal! Dinner is always a great option for a catch-up, but if you’re on a financial diet, dinner at home can be a great alternative. Round up your friends and have everyone bring their specialty plate or test your global cuisines with an around-the-world night!   

With all that said, just remember when things come up by surprise - or all at once - know you can always rely on MyPayNow for a payday advance. Anytime, anywhere, 24/7…we gotchu 🤝.