How to boost your confidence in the workplace

28 Apr 2023

3 minute read

How to boost your confidence in the workplace

Smell that? That’s the scent of someone who isn’t confident in the workplace (smells like imposter syndrome). For most, confidence doesn’t always come naturally. If you can relate, don’t worry because as always...we got you. It’s perfectly normal to feel intimidated or shy at work, especially if you’re new 😬. This is where the skill of speaking with confidence comes into play (aka. fake it ‘til you make it)!  

⚠️ Warning: Following these tips can lead to promotions and increase likeability! ⚠️ 


Look good = feel good 

It’s simple; when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, your confidence radiates ✨! Did you roll out of bed this morning & forget to iron your shirt? Humans judge each other subconsciously all the time, it’s natural. We suggest you practice how you introduce yourself & take pride in your professional appearance to ensure you’re leaving a great and lasting impression! 


Avoid over-apologising  

Your palms are sweaty, you're becoming aware of that weird nervous shake you do with your leg, then suddenly you’re stumbling on words and blurt out “ahh…I am so sorry!” Instead, stop. Think. Give yourself permission to be silent for a second & re-collect your thoughts 🧘. Apologising has a time & place, and once you figure this out, you’ll start to feel a lot more confident in your communication. Remember, it’s not a good thing to come across as incompetent & self-deprecating. Take a breath and start your sentence again - you got this!  


Be your biggest hype man! 

When you need a your own! Starting your workday with a positive mindset through affirmations will do wonders for your confidence. Remind yourself of your strengths, your accomplishments and don’t forget to be kind to yourself 💜. There’re a ton of techniques all over the internet on how to apply positive affirmations to your life, but a simple way to start is by saying 3 positive things about yourself, to yourself, at the start of each day. Keep these in your back pocket if you experience a setback throughout the day to help manage your emotional response to uncomfortable situations.  


Challenge yourself 

Confidence isn’t developed overnight and is something that can always be improved on. This is why it’s important to set goals for yourself to help you progress in your confidence journey. If you tend to sit shy and quiet during meetings, set a goal to voice at least one question/idea in your next meeting. Start small with your goals and work your way up – we believe in you 🥳!