How to live a fit life on a budget

23 Jan 2023

2 minute read

How to live a fit life on a budget

Have you ever lost motivation to get in shape because it’s just too expensive? The new year has freshly kicked off and it’s time to turn your resolution into a reality 🥳. We get it, fitness culture makes you believe you need to spend thousands of dollars a year on a personal trainer and exercise equipment. But the truth is, working out can be so much simpler than forking out $100 a week on Pilates classes and PT sessions.

Fitness doesn’t have to cost a thing

The lavish lifestyle influencers have created makes it pretty clear that working out looks quite different for the everyday person, (not everyone can workout at 10 am on a Tuesday, have access to a personal trainer and the latest on-trend workout gear). Good news, fitness really can be as simple as a hot sloth walk! It costs absolutely nothing to go on a run, yet it’s one of the best cardiovascular workouts money can’t buy. Plus, YouTube is saturated with multiple free at-home workouts (that work!) 🙌.  

Find a gym that suits YOU

Finding a gym that is right for you can be tricky (and daunting). Try new things (including free trials) to help figure out what you enjoy. There is no point in paying for a membership that you won't show up to. Naturally, you’ll be more inclined to attend a gym and stick with it if you are enjoying the environment and services they have to offer. Try before you buy!


Try out ClassPass 

Do you find yourself getting bored easily with the same workout routine? Which in turn leads you to lose motivation. Perhaps ClassPass is for you! You’re not locked into a membership contract but can try all the different fitness options your community has to offer at a discounted price. That way you can mix up your routine without all the signup fees. Even better, ClassPass is currently available in over 2,500 locations around the world! This means you can test the waters at new joints, even on vacation 😎.

Health is wealth: YOU are the priority

It’s 2023 now, so it’s time to put yourself first (it’s about time you did). We are so proud of you for even clicking on this post to help make a change this year 💜. A healthy lifestyle will push you to achieve even higher goals than you ever dreamed of. We believe that the true source of happiness comes from within. Money can buy you the latest and greatest running shoes, but it cannot buy you instant good health (Sloth tested and approved…he still cannot run fast).