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It’s a friendsmas kind of year

09 Dec 2021

3 minute read

It’s a friendsmas kind of year

The silly season is well and truly here. Usually that means catch ups with those closest to you but just like last year, Christmas might look a little different for many of us, with family and friends scattered across the globe. We’re all about seeking the positives here at MyPayNow and we can’t help but point out the joys of spending the holiday season than with your friends. So, let’s make this friendsmas one to remember!


Establish the rules  

One of the best parts about Christmas is giving gifts to the people we love (and receiving them 😉)! If you’re spending Christmas with your friends and have decided to buy each other a gift, don’t be afraid to put your cards on the table and start a conversation around a budget that works for everyone. It wouldn’t be fun if you bought your pal some socks and they splurged out on you – eeeek! If you’ve blown over budget, you can always rely on MyPayNow for a pay advance to cover the rest.


Bring together traditions

The older we get, the more we realise that Christmas traditions are pretty special. Whether it’s a light-hearted ritual with your pals like decorating the Christmas tree, or a religious custom with your family, traditions are something that brings people together. If Christmas this year is looking like a “friendsmas”, ask your circle what their traditions are for the holidays. See if you can work some of these into your celebrations and make friendsmas extra special, alternatively, this could be a great time to create some of your own!


Keep it light and fun

Having a different kind of Christmas doesn’t have to be so bad, take advantage of this quality time with your friends and have a little fun – maybe even some friendly competition! Bring along some games for everyone to play, the classics like Monopoly or Catan, or get creative with a good old-fashion gingerbread house decorating competition! Keeping to the tone of light-hearted fun, opt for a theme this friendsmas. You could go as far as the Nightmare Before Christmas or as simple as an ugly sweater party, whatever it is, we’re sure it’ll be great.