Lessons from our Mums

12 May 2023

2 minute read

Lessons from our Mums

It’s almost Mother’s Day! To celebrate all the magnificent women in our lives, we put it to the MyPayNow team to share some of the biggest lessons and learnings from our Mums. Whether you're a Mum, Grandma, Step-mum, or mother figure, on this Mother’s Day and every day, we say thanks for everything you do 💜. 

“My Mum will always be the one to remind me to stick up for myself, others and what I believe in. There is power in speaking up, even if it sometimes makes me uncomfortable. She teaches me how to protect my inner peace and that I am the only person in control of my actions and emotions. Love ya, Mum…you’re a rockstar!” 

Kari, Graphic Designer  


“Two things come to mind…1. My Mum is an incredible cook (and I'm not just saying that because she’s my Mum!). She's always told me that you don’t need a recipe, just taste as you go and make the dish to your liking. 2. She's also always told me to remember that everything works out, no matter what, so trust the process and have a little faith - and she's right! Even when things are a little rough, they always find a way to work themselves out.”   
Su-Lin, Head of Marketing  


“Never judge a book by its cover”  

Caitlin, Office Manager  


“First, always wash off your makeup at the end of the day, no matter how tired you are. Second, spend money on experiences, not materialistic things. Third, to drink more water, need I say more? Love ya, Mum, you will always know what I need x”  

Shannon, Marketing & Content Assistant  


“Nothing pleases my Mum more than seeing her children thrive and I didn't realise the depth of selflessness to make that happen until I had my own kids. Can't thank you enough Mum x” 

Steve, Head of Partnerships  


“My Mum taught me to always follow my gut as this will never let me down. But most importantly, to just enjoy life…everything will fall into place exactly how it’s meant to! I love you endlessly, Mumma” 

Mikaela, Marketing Executive  

“If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all and always treat people how you wish to be treated” 

Greer, Head of Customer Service