Lockdown liberation: Are you ready?

20 Oct 2021

3 minute read

Lockdown liberation: Are you ready?


It’s been about two years since our worlds changed thanks to COVID-19. With states and countries going in and out of lockdown to combat the virus, the world as we know it has been unpredictable. But after months of staying home, it’s time to join society once more. As exciting as it is, are you ready for freedom?


Be mindful of your mental health

The whirlwind of  the last two years has been a tough one to stay on top of, especially when it comes to our mental health. One second, it’s stressful staying home, the next you’re comfortable with new routines within those same four walls. After a while, the thought of leaving the house can be overwhelming. With lockdowns lifting, ensure you are listening to your emotions and taking it easy. Being self-aware during this time will be key to getting through the major life adjustment. If you’re struggling, make plans to talk to a professional to help guide you through.


Manage your money

Back to bars, activities, adventures and more – life is returning! The ability to walk through shopping centres or venture out with friends means there might be a bit of a honeymoon feeling about it all. You may find that spending money is more justifiable than usual, being out of lockdown and all! While a treat in this time is well deserved, remember that bills and essential costs won’t disappear, so managing your money is more important than ever. If you do happen to dip a little over budget, MyPayNow will always come through with a payday advance when you need it.


Establish a routine

Just like what you did when entering lockdown, establish a routine for when re-joining society. After months of becoming accustomed to a routine at home to establish a sense of “normalcy”, the same rule applies when venturing back into the world. It might seem trivial, but should help out during the major adjustment. 

To our customers far and wide, stay safe and enjoy getting back to living your best life!