Looking to upgrade your home office?

28 Sep 2023

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Looking to upgrade your home office?

Working from home is gaining more popularity by the year, all thanks to Covid (😳). Whether you’re a seasoned remote worker or transitioning to a more flexible work arrangement, optimising your work-from-home setup is essential for productivity and overall well-being. To do great, you need the right tools, so it’s about time you made your home office, well, yours!

Create a dedicated office space

It can be tempting to work from the comfort of your couch or bed, but doing so can make it difficult to distinguish between work and personal time. To avoid this, consider creating a designated workspace that separates your work and relaxation areas. This will allow you to switch into "work mode" when you enter your workspace and easily disconnect and unwind when you're done for the day. We suggest starting with investing in a dedicated work desk and being thoughtful about its placement within your home.

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Invest in a good ergonomic office chair

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re currently slumped over your desk with an aching back right now. While walking around and stretching is great, it’s only going to provide temporary relief. Besides, how many hours a day do you spend a day sitting at your desk versus going for a walk? A comfortable ergonomic chair, designed for maximum support, will help minimise that back pain and provide you with better focus throughout your day.

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Sihoo M18 Black Ergonomic Office Chair

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A good quality speaker

It’s no shock that the power of music can help you stay relaxed, energised, and boost productivity. Investing in a nice Bluetooth speaker in your work environment allows you to fill your space the way you want and wash out any ambient distractions. In addition, stay focused with MyPayNow’s carefully curated concentration playlist here for the next time you need an extra boost.

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