Maintaining friends at different life stages

24 Aug 2022

2 minute read

Maintaining friends at different life stages

People are constantly changing as they grow, so it can be difficult to maintain friendships forged in your teens or twenties. You can never expect to be going through the same journey with your circle of friends, because even if your age is the same, your paths might be vastly different. So, how do you combat feeling frustrated when you and your pals are at different stages of life? Keep on readin’ for some pointers!


Avoid comparisons

Comparing your earnings and assets against those around you is never going to end well. On one end, if you’re earning a decent wicket, be weary that your friends might not be earning the same…and that’s okay! Their priorities are going to be different, and you can’t expect them to want to splash out the cash if they aren’t (or are) in the position to do so.

If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and not earning quite as much as your pals, that’s okay too. Maybe you’re feeling out of the loop because you put your savings into travel or chose a career that takes home a lower salary. These things aren’t anything to be ashamed of or should make you feel any type of way. Your journey is exactly that…yours! Plus, if your friends don’t respect your priorities, are they really your friends?

It’s important to remember that everyone’s life goals and aspirations are different, one friend might want to own a house and a fancy car. Where on the other hand, another friend might just want to live a simple, low-key life.


Communication is key

Communication is an essential part in any relationship, especially friendship! It can be hard opening up, even to those closest to you, but it’s better than letting your emotions simmer under the surface. If something is bothering you, speak up…your friend might even surprise you and feel the exact same. Good news is, we’re living in the year 2022, so when schedules aren’t lining up with busy lives, your nearest and dearest are a mere phone call or facetime away 😉


Lock in a date!

When you’re having trouble marrying up when to catch up next, lock in a recurring day or date. Sounds crazy (we get it) but hey…it works! Dinner with the crew on the first Saturday of each month, or coffee and a walk every Sunday morning, whatever it is, locking in a date is a great way to ensure you’re making the time for those you love most.