Minimise your time on socials

22 Aug 2022

3 minute read

Minimise your time on socials

There’s no denying that TikTok and Instagram are entertaining, but once you open that app there goes 2 hours (or more) of endless scrolling. While social media can be a great way to stay connected to your nearest and dearest, it can also act as the number one distraction taking up time where you could be doing something productive. To keep your head in the game and out of your phone screen, have a read of the below 👏.

Set time restrictions

Do you know how much time you’re spending scrolling on socials each day? Well, your iPhone can track your screen time usage, how long you’ve spent on an app and which apps are draining your time the most. If you’re feeling a little addicted to IG or TikTok, simply lock your time usage per day and your phone will keep you out! 

Start a side hustle or get a hobby!

If you’re scrolling on social media because you want to kill time or don’t have anything better to do, maybe now’s the time to pick up a hobby or side hustle! Use your time wisely to be productive, whether that’s learning a new language, selling your arts and crafts on Etsy, taking guitar lessons…whatever you desire (but try and do it away from a phone screen)! This way you’ll feel like you’re accomplishing something, rather than looking at highlight reels on Instagram.

No phone’s allowed

Call us old fashioned, but the “no phones at the table” rule is an all-time favourite of ours. It’s important to stay connected to reality, so instead of sitting on your phone when in the company of friends and family, put your phone away (not within arm’s reach!) and disconnect from social media. This will improve the quality of time you’re spending with others…and even yourself!

Create new habits

If you’re in the funk of waking up and immediately checking your phone (more specifically, your socials), it’s time to update your routine. Break the cycle and be less reliant on your phone as a means of entertainment and time killing, especially first thing in the morning! If you find yourself reaching for social media apps at regular times throughout the day, try doing something else instead, in turn, breaking old habits and creating healthier ones 😎.

Go cold turkey

This isn’t for the faint of heart, but for those who are seriously committed to making a change in their social media habits. Have a crack at day-to-day life without turning to Facebook, Instagram and beyond…it’s time to delete the apps from your phone. This isn’t a forever thing (unless you love it!) but removing the apps from being so accessible will mean you’re not reaching to scroll, instead, you could turn to picking up a book. You never know what it’s like until you try!