Popping the question: How big and how much?

22 Mar 2022

3 minute read

Popping the question: How big and how much?

So, you’re finally thinking about popping the question – congrats 🥳! But have you thought about how? What about a ring? How much is it going to cost and what happens after 😅?! If you’re reading this, chances are this is your first time proposing and you’re probably feeling the heat. So, let’s get real about all things proposing so you can get your head around how big and how much!


Buying the bling 💍

As much as we want to say it’s not about the bling, it is important in the grand scheme of things. Your partner will wear this for the rest of their life!


  1. Style: Find out their dream ring so you aren’t under prepared. Surprises are nice but can be an expensive mistake if it’s not what they had in mind. Talk to their friends or take note of the jewellery they currently wear


  1. Budget: Once you know their desired ring, your search options are narrowed, and you can focus on finding – or designing – the perfect ring. These days we’re spoilt with options from chain stores, independent designers, lab grown diamonds and beyond, so prices can be as expensive or affordable as you like. According to the 2020 wedding industry report, the average spend on an engagement ring in Australia is roughly $5,000. If your budget is on the lower side, don’t stress, you can buy a great ring starting at $1,000! Need a few extra dollars to secure the ring? No worries, just use MyPayNow for a payday advance and access your pay early 😉.


  1. Research: While you’re on the hunt for a diamond, the key things you want to pay attention to are cut, colour, carat, and clarity. If you have sound knowledge of these, you’ll be able to compare prices easily. In addition, be wary of the designer tag attached to rings, there can often be a huge price markup when there’s a popular name involved – and this is money you can avoid spending!


Popping the question 😍

Dropping a knee to pop the question is a big deal! The thing to remember here is make it a reflection of your relationship and your partner. Some like to go big here and that’s great, so long as it’s what your other half is into. Don’t be that person who gives into pressure to spend crazy money on a wall of fresh roses when that’s not what your partner cares about. Showing you’ve put thought into the moment will mean more to them than anything.


Now…good luck! 👏