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POV: Your money mindset sucks!

20 Mar 2023

2 minute read

POV: Your money mindset sucks!

Drooling over beautiful interiors in magazines is great, but has that ever led you into a spiral of negative thinking? “That could never be me”, he says after an entire weekend of spending 😬. At MyPayNow ,we believe everything starts from within. Our thoughts often control our actions, so if you want to change your future, you’ll need to focus on changing your mindset first.  


Get to know your thoughts about money  

Before we dive into it, you need to determine where your mindset is right now with regards to your finances. How do you currently think about money? 

Do you... 

1.Feel a lack of control over your money  

2.Get anxious when thinking about finances  

3.Believe you will never reach your financial goals  

4.Get intimidated by how others handle their money 

If you could relate to any of the statements above, there’s a good chance you need to work on your money mindset! Luckily, you’re in the right place 😉. Becoming aware of your thoughts towards money is vital so you can learn how to rewrite your inner script! 


Celebrate the wins (be thankful) 

When you learn gratitude, you are shifting your focus more on the things that you have. This can help quiet that little voice in your head that tells you that you must spend more to gain material satisfaction. Be thankful for the job that provides you with income, the car that helps you get around and the food in your fridge. The life you are trying to create for yourself will never be enough until you focus on what you have and how far you’ve already come. So don’t forget to give yourself some credit today ☺️.   


Practice good habits 

In order to improve something, you need to be willing to put in the work. Dust off the crumbs and learn more about getting your mind and money back on track. Ask yourself, “what steps do I need to take to implement this new and improved approach to my finances?”. This can either be working on positive money mantras, monitoring your spending, or being committed to change overall 👏. We also recommend getting inspired by reading the money habits for a lasting impact blog for more in-depth tips on working towards good habits.  


No matter the circumstance, remember you have MyPayNow in your back pocket; because we’re here to give you control over when you get paid. If you’re in control of your finances, you’re in control of your life!