Psst…dates don’t need to cost a lot!

30 Jan 2023

3 minute read

Psst…dates don’t need to cost a lot!

Going on dates is important no matter what your dynamic looks like (gotta keep the spark alive 😉). But we get it, cheesy dates are one of those “love it or hate it” sort of deals, (like coriander, BlackBerrys, and Mamma Mia). Whether you have been dating your significant other for the last ten years or need to impress a Hinge match this Valentine's Day, one thing’s for sure; dates don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t have to be cheesy 😎.


Add dating to your weekly budget

It’s easy to forget dating can take a pretty penny out of your account. Therefore, planning your budget proactively and incorporating dating into your leisure spending is important. Exchanging a wish list of activities with your partner can be a good way to budget towards them accordingly.


Find community activities

Take advantage of affordable (or free) dates 💸. Research your local area to find low-cost events and places within your community. This can be from a local hike you might not have known about or a free day at the beach. Trying out an outdoor cinema or visiting a new coffee shop together. Your local area is probably packed with loads of hidden gems and events you might not have even known about. You're supporting the local community while also spending time with your significant other (so basically, it’s a win, win 🥳).


Get personal, get creative

Fancy dinner dates get old, and it becomes expensive after a while. It’s time to leave boring dates in 2022 and get creative with it with dates like  a sunset bike ride to a round of We’re Not Really Strangers. At-home ideas will remind you that your relationship can be exciting, without the artificial Disney movie stuff. Remember, your date is not about a price tag, but the experience shared together.


You can’t buy love

Dating the right person means you’re both comfortable and happy doing nothing and everything with them. It’s easy to get caught up in romantic getaways and front-row seats to the cabaret because you want to give that special someone the world (whatever the sloth wants, the sloth gets, amirite?). The important thing to remember is, you aim to connect, not impress. Of course, there is a time and place for a fancy evening, but it shouldn’t be a precursor to the relationship. All a great date needs is a pure connection and an opportunity to have fun 💜.