See the snow this winter without spending a mountain of cash!

14 Jun 2023

3 minute read

See the snow this winter without spending a mountain of cash!

It’s time to pack your favourite North Face Puffer Jacket and make the most of your Aussie snow trip this year. When it comes to skiing, snowboarding, or making snow angels, we’re here to help you reduce the cost this winter ❄️!

Try the shoulder season

If you’re thinking of booking a peak season trip, think again 😅. Not only will you be paying higher prices during this time of year, but the slopes are also the most crowded! Lock your trip in the shoulder seasons, which is either June or September, because not only will you find a calmer environment, but prices for hotels, lift tickets and flights will also dramatically drop in price too.

Extra bonus: according to, September has seen the biggest snowfall at Perisher for the entire snow season. The shoulder season might be the best thing you do!

Book a season in advance 

Planning is the keyyyy to saving money on a snow trip 🔑. Accommodation and flight companies tend to adjust their prices based on demand. To save money, it's best to book ahead of time. You can get the best deals by booking a season ahead, particularly if you're not planning to travel during the shoulder season. However, keep in mind that pre-paid bookings can be challenging and costly to change, so make sure you're certain about your travel dates.

Hire gear

One of the best ways to cut down on costs is by bringing your own ski gear or renting off-site. Have friends that love the snow? Don’t be afraid to ask to borrow from them! Reaching out on community Facebook pages can be a helpful strategy when looking to buy second-hand snow equipment 🎿. It's a great way to connect with others and find what you need. We also suggest checking out your local rental stores, as the ones near ski villages will usually add an additional tourist surcharge on top of what you are already paying… and no one wants to pay that!

Pack your own food

Similar to bringing your own snow gear, coming with your own food will help you save a mountain of cash compared to purchasing at the ski resort (which can be quite expensive due to transportation and supply costs). Eating out every day adds up to be a costly affair 💸. If you bring your own food, even for just a few days you can save a few hundred dollars regardless of how much hot chocolate, noodles, or stews you consume.

At MyPayNow, we want to help people like you get closer to living their best life. It pays (no pun intended) to experience a trip to the snow, and we promise you won't regret it – trust us! 🥳