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Shop smarter, not harder this Black Friday

22 Nov 2021

3 minute read

Shop smarter, not harder this Black Friday Black Friday is just around the corner, and this is the year to make it worth your while. Emails and socials are going to be flooded with crazy deals coming from every direction and temptation will be high. While it’s easy to blow $500 in the space of a few minutes, ask yourself, is this really what I want to spend my money on? Preparation is key for this once-a-year event. So, we’ve put together some hot tips to get you and your bank card ready to shop up a storm.    

Make a list
Otherwise known as “how to avoid buying items you don’t need”. Before tackling Black Friday, set yourself up by making a list of all the things you need or have wanted for a decent chunk of time. This could be from your hair products that are running low, to mums Christmas present, or the fancy Smeg toaster you’ve had your eye on. Black Friday doesn’t have to give you the post-shopping spree blues, it’s the perfect opportunity to get ahead and have your Christmas presents sorted for a cheaper price. That sounds like a win, win to us!  

Do your research
1. Think you’ve got the best deal? A quick Google search of your desired product might show otherwise! Don’t be afraid to have a quick browse of different stockists to find the best deal you can score yourself. You might be surprised at the price difference between retailers if you look!
2. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, if you haven’t installed Honey into your web browser, you’re living in the past! Honey is a browser extension that scours the web to see if there are any discount codes that can be applied directly to your cart. It only takes a few seconds but can save you loads of extra coin.
3. If you’re purchasing clothes or shoes, plan ahead to go in store and try on your size (if you can). With stock anticipated to sell like crazy, if you purchase something in the wrong size or you change your mind, the process of sending an item back for an exchange or refund could be dragged out by a few weeks. You also risk your actual size selling out and might not get your money back!
Get in early
Often, retailers will give VIP customers/members early access to their sales. If you haven’t already, make sure you’re signed up to every retailer you intend on purchasing from in case they put out an early release. This way, you’ll get first dibs on what you want and a better chance of snagging your size!

Come across an item too good to resist but it’s a little out of your Black Friday budget? Just keep MyPayNow up your sleeve so you can get an instant payday advance and add item to cart…happy shopping!