So, we heard you’re going to Europe…

02 May 2023

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So, we heard you’re going to Europe…

It feels like just about everyone and their dog is jumping on the 24-hour flight to the land of croissants and cathedrals. Lucky for you, we collated a few handy hacks to save on cash if you happen to be another one of those lucky adventurers on their way to the Mediterranean this year ️.  


Timing is everything 

We have said it before and are saying it again…we can’t stress enough how much you can save when you pre-book your whole trip. Bonus points if you book it outside of the peak seasons. You will see the least number of tourists (a plus 😉), as well as cheaper accommodations and tours. So, with some strategic planning and timing behind you, you can make your trip an affordable experience. Pro tip: plan your holiday close to tax time, that way you can put your tax return to good use!  


Go beyond the hotspots 

As you can imagine in these post-covid times, tourist hotspots are going to be supersaturated with travellers. After some research, you’ll quickly realise that Europe is filled with loads of hidden gems no one is talking about. Benefits include = a more culturally authentic experience at a much cheaper cost! Below are our recommendations on MUST SEE alternatives that are half the price:   

Thinking of Prague? Check out Budapest 

Thinking of Barcelona? Check out Valencia 

Thinking of Mykonos? Check out Naxos or Paros 

Thinking of Croatia? Check out Montenegro 


Book directly  

Third-party booking sites are greeaaatt for reviews and comparing your options, but whenever it’s possible, we recommend booking directly for the best rates 💸. This will apply to almost anything, from accommodation to transport to tours. That way, you’ll be avoiding random fees and surcharges. This isn’t to say third-party sites suck, they are actually a really handy tool for figuring out what option suits you. Below is a list of our recommendations for comparing prices, just don’t forget to book them directly if you don’t want any surcharges 😎 

Skyscanner for European airlines  

Omio for all transport journeys from flights to trains, and buses.   

GetYourGuide for tours and activities  

Airbnb for cheaper stays in hotspot areas and tours/ activities  

Hostelworld for budget-friendly accommodation (don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not just hostels) for all your worldwide accommodation options  


Hot tip: if you notice the price for accommodation is cheaper on a third-party site, reach out to the hotel directly and see if they can price match! 


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