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Steer clear of holiday blues

21 Dec 2021

3 minute read

Steer clear of holiday blues

The tail end of the year is full of hustle and bustle. Between the Christmas rush, family gatherings and a buzzing social life, it can all get exhausting and let’s face it, expensive. At the end of the day, it shouldn’t be all about presents, spending money or trying to impress a relative you see once a year or the people who follow you on Instagram. The holidays should be bright and merry and shouldn’t make you feel down and pressured, so here are some ways to remind yourself to enjoy the highs of the holidays without feeling blue.  


Remember what’s important 💜

It can be difficult to ignore feeling awkward if you’re unable to splurge on lavish gifts at Christmas time, especially when friends and family are going all out. We want to remind you what’s important at this time of year…your relationships and your company! There are so many ways to show you care without compromising your finances, try getting a little crafty instead. For little to no investment, you can put together a scrapbook, memory box, or write a letter to your loved ones. Sentimental gestures and gifts will always have the biggest impact on others.


Get up and move 🏃

If you’re someone who feels like you need a holiday right after having one, this is for you. Try incorporating a little bit of routine on your time off to help readjust when you get back into the swing of work. Just like they say…win your morning, win your day! While it’s easy to lounge around until mid-morning (especially during the holidays), getting up and moving can boost your energy, mental health, and overall motivation. We’re not saying you need to wake up at the crack of dawn, it’s Christmas after all! However, getting out of bed and starting your day right can really work wonders.  


Find balance ⚖️

Between celebrations, parties and catch ups, it can all get a little much. Don’t be afraid to say no to something if you need to take some time to recoup. Just because you have a half day free, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to squeeze another catch up in to please someone else. It’s equally important to have some alone time than it is to laugh with your loved ones. Just like you schedule your social events into the calendar, schedule in some “me” time to ensure you’re taking a time out to avoid feeling run down and low on energy. After all, you want to be your best self when around the ones you love most!