The dos and don’ts of asking for a pay rise

12 Apr 2022

2 minute read

The dos and don’ts of asking for a pay rise

Asking your supervisor for more money is a pretty daunting feat, but if you believe you deserve it and have the evidence to show, there’s no shame in asking. After all, the worst thing they can say is “no”! Keep reading for our do’s and don’ts of asking for a pay rise ⬇️. 

Read the room

Even though you may be deserving of getting a pay rise, the business might not be in a position to deliver it. While this doesn’t mean you should be underpaid, it’s important to consider if it’s worth asking for an increase or look for a job elsewhere. If your place of work isn’t exactly booming, it might not be a great time to ask the boss for more money.

Do your research

Before going headfirst into asking for a salary increase, do some research online to see what the average salary is for your role and experience level within your industry. This will give you a good indicator on if there is any room for an increase and if so, how much. You can research this on recruiter websites, LinkedIn or job ads.


Time it right

It’s best not to corner your boss into giving you a pay rise with no warning, as you also want them to be prepared for the conversation. Take notice of whether you have a performance review coming up as this would be the perfect time to bring up your salary.

Gather the facts + prep your pitch!

If you don’t approach this conversation with all the facts and evidence to support your case, chances of getting a pay rise are very slim. What evidence do we mean? Well, anything to do with how you have positively contributed to the company, growth metrics (% or $), increase in job tasks/responsibilities etc. Once you have all the info, get your points ready that involve your commitment to the role, the company, and your contributions as a whole to date.

Remain open

Things don’t always go the way you hoped, and you might not get an immediate salary increase. If your boss isn’t ready to give you a pay rise, work together on what goals you need to achieve to be eligible down the track and revisit in 3-6 months’ time.