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Travel hacks you wish you knew

12 Jul 2022

3 minute read

Travel hacks you wish you knew Since the world is now (basically) back to normal, travel is back open for business 🥳! Social media feeds are filled with friends fleeing to Greece for a summer vacation or escaping to New Zealand for a run down the slopes, and airports are full of keen travellers once again. Good news is, if you’re looking to scratch the travel itch as well, we’re sharing some of our favourite travel hacks! From where to save coin to how to keep your clothes smelling fresh, have a read of the below to help you prep for your next getaway! 👇

Look before you commit 
Between airline websites, travel agents and third-party websites, there’s many different sources out there to compare flight prices. While it can be overwhelming, saving a few dollars here and there is definitely worth your while! 

Plus, here’s some other things to consider when booking flights…

-    If you have flexibility around travel dates, have a look at the flight calendar and choose a day where flights are at their lowest.
-    Services like Skyscanner or Google Flights are great for comparing flight prices across all airlines. 
-    Research if your bank is associated with an airline through a points system. Sometimes, you can even purchase points to go towards your flight! Points programs can also come with benefits of extra baggage, better seats, priority boarding…and more.

Dryer sheets make for fresh fits!
Keeping your clothes smelling fresh when living out of a suitcase can be annoying. So, to avoid loading up at laundromats, pack a few dryer sheets in your favourite scent throughout your suitcase. This will help take away the smell of shoes, bags and everything else that ends up packed away. Trust us on this one, once you start, you’ll never look back!

Pillowcases aren’t just for sleeping…
Are you the type to get a little excited when shopping on holiday? Suddenly, it’s time to fly home and you’re scrambling to shut your suitcase and the zip isn’t closing 😬. A cheeky hack to help when this happens is to pack a zip up pillowcase, so that in case you do go a little crazy at the local stores, you can pack some clothes into the pillowcase and take it on the plane. Who’s paying for extra weight? Not you! Thank us later 😉.

Get your money straight!
When it comes to your money, we don’t like to mess about. Exchanging currencies can be confusing – and expensive, so don’t be afraid to shop around for who’s offering you the best bang for your buck. While you’re here it’s worth your while looking into different travel card options and loading this up before you leave. The good thing about travel cards is once you load it with a particular currency, you’ll miss out on paying a few fees when making purchases. Plus, you won’t be travelling around with a wad of cash in your back pocket!