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What is a pay advance?

11 Jun 2021

3 minute read

What is a pay advance?

It's the new trend everyone is talking about…and we are all about it! The concept of a pay advance has previously involved approaching your boss asking for some of your future pay to cover whatever is going on in your life. Who likes doing that? Nobody. That's where we come in – if you need your money now but don't want to go to your boss, you can use MyPayNow and have your money in an instant.
Pay advance services such as MyPayNow are a helpful solution for everyday workers. Our app allows you to get paid the same day you work, without having to wait until your next pay cheque comes in. 
The great thing about pay advances in 2021 is that you can do it all yourself, from the palm of your hand. Your boss doesn't need to know, and you don't need to worry about those annoying credit cards and other high interest alternatives. 

How do pay advances work?

A pay advance with MyPayNow is simple, secure and streamlined. To access your pay early all you need to do is download our app to get started – you'll also need to meet our eligibility requirements. 
Sign up only takes a few minutes, then once approved, the money you requested will hit your bank account instantly.
When your next pay day comes around, the money you advanced is automatically debited back to MyPayNow with a flat 5% fee on the amount advanced – that's it! There's no interest (ever) and definitely no late fees. 

What can pay advances be used for?

We're seeing a growing trend amongst millennials wanting to have more control over their finances. MyPayNow is the answer to having control over when you get paid and how you spend the money. Once you receive your pay advance, you can use it however you like. Some use it only when they need to, and others use it as a way of re-budgeting based on their lifestyle. Because it's cash, you're not limited to using it on specific goods, services or brands.

How much of my pay can I advance?

MyPayNow offers the highest pay advance limit in the industry. Capped at a quarter of your wage up to $1250, our app enables you to access your wage at the touch of a button.  
Have more questions? Head to our FAQ's here.