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How to make some extra cash for your avo toast

11 Nov 2020

4 minute read

How to make some extra cash for your avo toast

Making a little extra cash on the side is something we have all considered at one stage in our lives, and there's a reason for it! It can be pretty easy to do if you take the time to suss out your options.

Good news, we've done the hard work for you and pulled together some side-hustle ideas to put a little extra $$$ in your pocket.


It's the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle – purchasing second-hand clothing or re-selling your household items to minimise waste in a consumer world. Bonus, you can make some sweet moula on items you would otherwise throw away!

So, take a look around you room, check your wardrobe and get busy on Facebook Marketplace! It's super easy to list items and make a few bucks for the kitty. Other great places to sell include local markets (sometimes at a small cost), Gumtree or online apps like Depop and Poshmark.


An extension on the circular economy is actually buying or finding items and giving them a revamp to on-sell for a profit. Maybe you find a beaten-up coffee table at the street-side council pick-up. Take it home and give it a sand and new coat of paint – chances are it will come up fresh enough to sell for $50-$100 online. TIP: Remember with online selling it's ALL about the pictures. Make sure they are good quality, clear and make the product look attractive so someone will actually want to buy it!


Getting paid to hang out with a dog is actually a thing. Some pet sitting agencies will give you up to $1,600 a month to look after a random doggo – seriously! PetCloud, Mad Paws and Pawshake are some good places to start if you're interested. You have the option to become a 24/7 house sitter when people are on holidays, or you can simply offer up your time for walks. Cha-ching!


Delivery or ride share services make an easy side hustle option – usually all you need is a car or bike. There are several services to choose from (that we're sure you're all very familiar with) such as Uber, Didi, Menulog, Deliveroo or Uber Eats. It's important to keep in mind that the services have various requirements and rates of pay. For example, Uber Eats pays $3 per successful delivery, meaning you can earn anything from $10 to $20 per hour.

Also consider courier services such as Zoom2u that employ every-day Aussie's to deliver goods for customers. All of these options give you great freedom to work when you want to work!

But that's not all! There are so many other ways out there to make an extra buck. So, think about any particular skills you have that you could put to work (maybe you can sew?) and pocket some extra cash each week.