Money mindset

27 Jan 2021

4 minute read

Money mindset


Maintaining a healthy relationship with money is a bit like a diet, it's easy to completely fall off the bandwagon when you have a weekend blowout and struggle to get back on track. Budgeting and saving can be long-term lifestyle adjustments, but it's definitely worth it when you've achieved your financial goals. Whether it's a post-COVID world tour or paying off your debts, we're here to help you reset your money mindset!


How often do you decide on a whim that you're going to put “x” amount of money aside from this week on, without really giving it too much thought? Next minute you've put a huge chunk of your weekly earnings away and end up taking out more than you initially put in throughout the week. Throw that away, and start fresh. Break down what exactly your goals are, why you want to achieve them and a timeline of when you want it to be done.

Once you've got the specifics narrowed down, it's time to get realistic. Start with how much you take home after each wage cycle and plan ahead. What do you have coming up this week? What are some things you need to pay for now? Work around what you need first then allocate how much to put aside into your savings. Factor all of these things into your planning process as the hardest part is starting.


Invest in yourself, yes you read that right! It is so important, yet we all seem to forget, and this can have a big impact on the end result. Life is meant to be lived, so give yourself an allowance to spend so you won't be tempted to dip into your emergency funds on those new golf clubs or a Friday night dinner with friends. Work through your lifestyle, establish what you can't live without and then factor these into your weekly spend. If you're a social butterfly or a die-hard foodie, make sure that whatever budget you're setting allows for the things you love as well – in moderation of course!


Following on from choosing happiness and #livingyourbestlife, it's important to do so in moderation (remember, we are working towards an end goal here!). While we all hate FOMO, there will still be some sacrifices involved. It could be as small as only buying 1 dress and not a complete outfit, or going out on a Friday and not all weekend. Still have fun, just make sure it's in moderation and the big splurges are under control.

Starting a budget or putting money aside when working towards a goal can be a hassle for most people. However, if it's built around you and your lifestyle, it can completely change the game. If your budget isn't a realistic reflection of you, your mindset towards putting money away can turn negative and it's harder to get on track. Think of it like starting a relationship based on lies…it's never going to work!