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Online shop like a boss

24 Mar 2021

5 minute read

Online shop like a boss

The online shopping revolution has taken the world by storm, creating more opportunity for consumer purchases and accessibility on a global scale. Translation of that courtesy of one pop sensation Ariana Grande, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it”. It has never been easier to change up your entire wardrobe or house décor from the comfort of your own bed on a Sunday morning. Acknowledging that online shopping can go rogue very quick, we want to share our top tips on how you can save some money while spending it!

Do your research

This one's a doozy, but you'll be surprised by how doing a little extra digging on a product can save you some serious cash. The simplest way of doing this is by searching the product name in Google (or Bing, if you're into that) and seeing what other online shops stock that item. Sometimes it's good to scroll a few pages deep to the less popular stores as they might have an epic sale. Plus, the good thing about buying from an online store that's new to you, is there's usually a discount code upon subscribing to their newsletter.

Search for discount codes

Just because you haven't been fed a discount code, doesn't mean they aren't floating around. A great way to find these are by searching the Facebook Ad Library to see what your favourite stores or brands are advertising out there. This will be your holy grail when trying to find special offers and discounts as it lists all the ads that are active in market.

Install Honey

Don't want to do the research for discount codes? No worries! Simply sign up and install a browser extension called Honey. It trawls the internet for different codes to save you money on over 30,000 online stores. They have even upped the incentive by creating a loyalty program where you can accrue points towards earning a gift card. On top of that, if you're doing research and not quite ready to buy, you can add items to a list and get notified if the item price drops.

Add to cart

This one isn't always a guarantee, but it's worth a try. If your item is not on sale and there are no active discount codes or promotions, try adding it to your cart and leaving it there overnight. Sometimes you'll receive a discount code delivered directly to your inbox!

Last but certainly not least, you can always rely on MyPayNow if something comes up but you're out of cash. We're here 24/7 if you need your pay early to get you over the line, or simply if you want to buy that thing that's been on your mind.