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Summer Holiday Savings

10 Nov 2020

3 minute read

Summer Holiday Savings

We'll skip the preamble and just say – we know you need a holiday this year. You've scrapped the trip to Greece, the wedding in Tasmania and the suspiciously discounted 10-day holiday in Bali. HOWEVER, there is a reason we call ourselves the “lucky country”. Australians are blessed with an impressive range of terrain, so whether you're beach bound or ready to hit the red dirt, it is still possible to get out there and have a holiday in 2020.

Pack your swag or Samsonite – here are our top holiday ideas for this summer in under $750.

Take it inland

As Aussies, you can usually find us by the beach as soon as it hits September, however travelling inland can be an incredibly relaxing getaway too. Traveling into the bush, rainforest or hinterland is a great way to see some iconic Australian scenery and tends to be a little cheaper. Whether you want to do the retro motel thing or camp out under the stars, there's a lot to be said about a night's stay under $70.00.


Hit the highway and follow the open road. It can be exciting to live each day without a plan when you're on holiday time so turn off the map and put your foot on the gas. Explore the coastline or the winding mountain roads. If you're willing to rough it for a few days, save some extra cash and sleep in the car – then your only expenses will be fuel and food.

Don't be hostile about hostels

Hostels are an awesome way to meet new people, particularly for solo travellers – bonus, they are generally cheaper than a hotel. Destination hotspots like Byron Bay and Magnetic Island have great options and may feel a little bit closer to your cancelled trip to Greece.

Staycation – for the lazy traveller

If you want to get away without actually ‘getting away', then this one is for you! Book an apartment in the city (or on the beach if you're lucky enough to live coastal) and take the 20-minute trip from home to the new destination. Without the additional costs that may be associated with a long drive, or plane tickets, enjoy being a tourist in your own city.

DIY Glamping – backyard style

Camping with all the trimmings is a great option if you have kids. Set the tent or camper van up in the yard for a night or two and have your very own DIY glamping experience (we say glamping because technically you still have all the facilities of your house). Use the MyPayNow app to order those new camping chairs you've been meaning to get, or Uber Eats when the at-home firepit burns dinner to a crisp.

Use that family/friend connection

Hit up the in-laws or that friend who moved regionally for a nursing job and never came back. Save money by staying with a relo and splash out on meals, activities or perhaps a quick shopping stint.

Whichever way you plan on getting out of the house, MyPayNow is here to help you on your journey to a cheap Aussie holiday. Access up to $1250 or 25% of your wage today to make your holiday dreams a reality.