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Treat mum this Mother's Day

04 May 2021

2 minute read

Treat mum this Mother's Day


Mother's Day is just around the corner and these special ladies deserve a celebration! The leading women in our life have given us the gift of a home, endless lovin' and well, life itself. To ensure this is a Mother's Day to remember, access your pay on demand with MyPayNow and don't fall short on coin. If you're scrambling for ideas on what to do or what to buy, have a scroll and read our best Mother's Day treats that won't break the bank!

Picnic in a park

Living in Australia, we're lucky in that we can assume the weather will be a treat this coming Mother's Day. Dust off your best picnic wear, gather your boho throws and cook up a feast for the queen of your dynasty. Find a location that your mum (or partner) would be enamoured with and rally the troops for an afternoon that will put a smile from ear to ear.

Surprise get together

For the mums who are sentimental and dream for the entire family to be together, try and organise for all the special people in her life to come along and give her an exciting surprise. Life goes by quickly and sometimes we forget that moments like these mean the most to our mums. A little forward planning and some logistical hurdles will pay off for an unforgettable Mother's Day.

Memory book

A gift that keeps giving. Since we grow up and often move away, our mums aren't always there to see those camera worthy moments or be a part of them. They rely on social media or the occasional photo to stay up to date with special events and milestones. Get creative and compile a memory book filled with photos, thoughts and stories that will make them all warm and fuzzy when they read it. Something easy to grab and look through when they miss you will help them feel closer to you, wherever you are.

Wine adventure

This is for the mums with kids of legal age. Our parents used to take us to theme parks and arcades, but now since we're grown it's an obvious evolution that we take mum on an all-inclusive winery tour. This is an activity that would be made extra fun with a group of mums and their kids because let's face it, the more the merrier. Wine tours are great value and there will usually be a Mother's Day promotion floating around the internet that includes a set lunch (you can't argue that!).

Don't forget, if you need a little help from future you to give your mum the Mother's Day she deserves, MyPayNow can provide you with a payday advance.