How to make Valentine's Day one to remember

10 Feb 2021

3 minute read

How to make Valentine's Day one to remember

Do we celebrate? Don't we celebrate? It's the one day a year made for the lovers and the romantics, but over time it's become more about extravagance and less about the sentiment. We're talking about Valentine's Day of course! Whether you're spending the day with your better half, someone you just started dating or getting together with friends, we're here to help you pull off something special for every kind of person.


Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all about the gift. How about creating an unforgettable memory together? This year Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday, so you can make a weekend full of memories. Venture out for a sunrise hike with a picture-perfect view or a picnic at your local hidden gem only a short drive away. This is a great opportunity to tick something off the list that you've both been talking about for too long!


Jump out of your comfort zone and get those creative juices flowing, it's time to become a modern day Da Vinci. If your lover appreciates art or anything bespoke, take them along to a paint and sip or pottery class, where you can both create some unique pieces and have a laugh at the same time. These experiences create lifelong memories, and you'll have something special to take home with you to look back on. You never know, you might unlock a hidden talent!


Some people just want to stay at home, and that's okay! You can still make some magic in your backyard or living room that will make for a day or night to remember. Collect the pillows and blankets from around the house and order their favourite takeout and you've got yourself a picnic right at home. Add some candles and fairy lights to make the mood a touch more romantic. For something a little different, swap out watching a movie with some games so you can connect and converse rather than sit in silence.


If your friend or lover is food obsessed, guaranteed they will love this alternative. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a top-notch cooking class, find a YouTube or online tutorial and follow along at home! Select a cuisine that's different to what you are both used to, this way you're both learning something together, and there will be some laughs along the way!


This one can be tricky when one partner is more sentimental than the other. Don't fret – we have you covered. A timeless fail-safe is simply purchasing their favourite snacks and a bottle of their preferred beverage and cooking a delicious stack of blueberry pancakes served in bed.