Welcome to the MyPayNow Family

18 Aug 2020

2 minute read

Welcome to the MyPayNow Family

Any parent will know that unexpected expenses aren't so surprising when you have a family in tow. Budgeting can be difficult where bills and expenses vary week-to-week with day care bills, school excursions, new books and birthday presents to consider.

MyPayNow understands that no two weeks are the same for families – sometimes things just pop up. That's where we come to the table – no high interest loans, credit cards or the guilt of borrowing money off friends or family. MyPayNow gives you access to your wage in real time, so you have flexibility with your money when you need it, now.

We developed MyPayNow as an answer to the out of date monthly, fortnightly and even weekly employer pay structure currently paired with the increase of regular bills and payments. We want to alleviate the stress by helping Australian families manage their cashflow quickly and effectively.

The easy to use web app means you can access up to $1250 or 25 per cent of your wage on the go, without the hassle of a complicated approval processes. Yes, that means if your seven-year old's shoe breaks on Thursday, you can replace it on Thursday – all through your mobile phone.

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We're here to support your family when you need it most – take charge of your finances and access your real time wages with MyPayNow.