Money can't buy good mates

09 Jul 2024

3 minute read

Money can't buy good mates

According to a 2018 study from Swinburne University, 1 in 4 Aussies feel lonely, and 30% don't feel like they are part of a friendship group. Good mates require time, effort, and care to grow and flourish💜. That's why we want to help you invest more in the people who matter most 👇  


How to invest in building stronger friendships 

If you've been reading our blogs, you'd know how often we talk about the importance of planning for your financial health. So, just like budgeting, the first step to investing in your relationships is figuring out where you're at 💸. If you still have friends from school or work, you likely already have a solid social circle 💪. But perhaps you moved to a new city and are starting fresh. This can feel like you're 'socially' in the red, putting pressure on you to build core mates. Whether you're looking to boost your social circle or are starting from zero, learning to invest in stronger friendships can provide support, comfort, and bring looaaddss of fun along the way! 


Step 1. Identify core qualities: Start by identifying the qualities that matter most to you: whether it's quality time together, independence, shared hobbies, or shared values. This process sets the foundation for investing in your friendships, like how we outline our financial goals and allocate funds to different accounts! 


Step 2. Seek common ground: Put yourself out there! Engage in activities or join groups where you are likely to meet people who align with Step 1's friendship criteria 🏃‍️. From running clubs to hobby classes, do the things that bring you joy and you're sure to meet others who feel the same! 


Step 3. Invest time and effort: Just as financial investments require attention and nurturing, dedicate time and energy to nurturing these new relationships. 


Step 4. Evaluate and adjust: Regularly assess the health of your friendships. Are they fulfilling your emotional needs? Do you feel supported and valued? Adjust as needed to maintain a balanced friendship 'portfolio' 📈.  


Step 5. Celebrate and enjoy: Cherish the friendships you've made! Celebrate milestones and shared experiences, and recognise those closest to you who are a part of your life 🥳 


At MyPayNow, we see good mates as an investment that betters our lives in ways money cannot. While being a millionaire can provide comfort & security, wealth also lies in the connections we make with others 🤝. So, prioritise the people who truly matter and cherish those good mates!